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bike-trail-2This weekend we finally broke in our new bike trailer, which I love.

We biked the Heritage Bike Trail in Hilliard. It was a great trail for our first trip with the trailer because the trail is flat and wide.

For the most part, the munchkin was pretty happy riding in the trailer. I packed lots of snacks and books for her, and she ate and read her books for most of the trip. Towards the end of the 12 mile ride, she got a little cranky and slept for the last three miles.

The only negative to Heritage Trail is that because it so flat, the sun was beating down on us for almost the entire trip and because it was so windy on Sunday, the wind kept blowing the bike around. This bike trail certainly isn’t my favorite trail and I don’t know if we’ll bother riding it again this year, but it was a good way to test out the trailer.


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I had a reader today ask me about parks in Columbus. We are new to the park scene this summer and still discovering Columbus’s parks and playgrounds.

Last summer, the munchkin was too small for parks.Now, we love a good park. With a 19-month old, my criteria for a good park is a good playground. 

One of my favorite parks is Goodale Park located in Victorian Village.  Goodale Park has two playgrounds – one for younger kids and one for older kids. The playground for the younger kids has baby swings – a must in our park criteria.

Goodale Park also has a lot of open space for the pumpkin to run around in and sidewalks that cross through the park. 

Another favorite park is Homestead Park near Hilliard. Homestead has one of the largest playground areas that I’ve seen in Columbus, and is in three separate areas inside the park. The toddler area has baby swings and a sand-area that is perfect for the little ones. It is located near the front of the park.

The second playground area has a section for younger kids with baby swings and smaller equipment, and an area with larger equipment for older kids. The two areas are connected together, which is good for parents with kids of different ages. 

The third area in Homestead Park is a waterpark. Again, there are two areas for the waterpark – one for older kids and one for younger kids. The water area for younger kids has faucets the children can turn on that flow into metal basins. My daughter enjoys this area. She is too young to turn the faucets on herself, so I do that for her. The waterpark for the older kids is called Fort Washington, and both times we’ve been there this summer, kids are running around spraying each other with water guns.

Both parks are great, and we are frequent visitors. In addition to these parks, we also love Slate Run Metro Park and Farm and the fountains at Ballantrea Park

Locations: Goodale Park is located one block west of High Street at W. Goodale Street and Park Street in the Victorian Village. Homestead Park is at 4675 Cosgray Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026.

What other parks are great in Columbus?

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Eating out with a toddler is difficult. It certainly isn’t a relaxing experience. When I’m feeling brave, one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus is the Starliner Diner

The Starliner Diner staff are very accommodating for folks with kids. The restaurant has a kid-friendly menu with a wide selection – everything from burritos to pasta – and an eclectic atmosphere with murals painted on the walls that gives the kids something to look at while eating. 

The food is always outstanding. My favorites are the Cheese and Jalapeno Soup and the Sweet Potato and Corn tamales. The Vegetable Caliente Pasta and BBQ Chicken Pizza are also excellent. In fact, everything I’ve ever had there is great. The prices are also good. Lunch and dinner items range in price from $5.25 to $10.25.

My daughter’s favorite meal there is the Black Beans and Rice (its not actually a meal, but a combination of two side dishes.) They do have a kids menu, but she has never ordered from it. She loves beans! The kids meals are reasonable priced from $3.25 to $4.25.

Their breakfast menu is also excellent. My breakfast recommendation is the Farmers Omelette. Get the Cuban bread for toast – it’s very good. Come early on Saturdays and Sundays, or be prepared for a bit of a wait. However, the wait is worth it.

Location: 5240 Cemetery Road, Hilliard, Ohio It’s in a small strip mall – be careful not to drive past it! 

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