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family-bookRecently, we have discovered another Todd Parr book that the munchkin loves, The Family Book.

The book celebrates all types of families – including two parent families, single parent families, families with two moms or two dads, and families with adopted children. 

Todd Parr’s books are great for toddlers. He pictures are bold and the text on each page is short, which keeps the munchkin’s attention.

We highly recommend this book. I have read it every night at bedtime for now two weeks and counting!

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It’s winter and we are stuck inside going crazy! Usually, I love winter. Cold weather never bothers me. I will take the dog for a walk in any weather. However this winter, is different because it is my first winter with a toddler.

Last year, she was content to be inside and so was I. This year is a whole different story. The munchkin is now two years old and nothing holds her attention for more than three minutes.

I’ve been trying to find activities to occupy her and keep her happy. Last week, we went to two story times, Kidapalooza at Vets with friends (which was too crowded to be much fun), the Franklin Park Conservatory (which was a lot of fun), played with Thomas the Train at Barnes and Noble, and had dinner at our friend’s house.  Anything to get out of the house and not freeze. Then when it was 45 degrees last Friday, we got all bundled up and went on a long walk to see the ducks. 

Inside, we’ve finger painted, colored with markers and crayons, played with play-dough, danced to Dave Matthews Band and Bob Marley, and read every book in our house and a bunch from the library. 

Now, I’m out of ideas. Luckily, my sister just sent me a DVD of kids yoga that we will be trying out shortly. I hope she loves it. Warm weather, where are you?

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by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die 
Life is a broken-wing bird
That cannot fly. 

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow

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A Beautiful List

sun-flower1I love NPR, especially This I Believe. I read the essay every week.

This week’s essay was written by a six year-old boy, Tarak McLain, and it is beautiful and full of hope. Here is his list of thirty things he believes:

I believe life is good.

I believe God is in everything.

I believe we’re all equal.

I believe we can help people.

I believe everyone is weird in their own way.

I believe hate is a cause for love.

I believe that when I meditate I feel peaceful.

I believe we should be generous.

I believe brothers and sisters should be kind to each other.

I believe kids should respect their parents.

I believe I should not whine.

I believe people should wake up early.

I believe people should go outside more.

I believe in nature.

I believe people should use less trees.

I believe we should help the Arctic and rainforest animals.

I believe people shouldn’t throw litter on the ground.

I believe people should not smoke.

I believe God is in good and bad.

I believe in magic.

I believe people should not give up.

I believe love is everywhere.

I believe that God helps us to have a good time.

I believe we live best in a community.

I believe we can protect people in danger.

I believe we should help the poor.

I believe it’s OK to die but not to kill.

I believe war should not have started.

I believe war should stop.

I believe we can make peace.

You can list to Tarak read his list at NPR’s website.

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hipizzamanWith all this snow and the frigid temperatures, the munchkin and I had to get out of the house today.

I just happened to be looking at the North Market’s website this morning to see if they had anything going on this weekend and found out that they are having story time every Thursday for the month of January. 

The story time program is run by a librarian from the Columbus Public Library. 

The munchkin and I went today and had a great time. We read a few books and sang a few songs. She loved it and has been talking about it all day now. The librarian was great, and she had chosen some fantastic books to read.

The next story time is January 22 at 10:30 a.m. in the Dispatch Kitchen on the 2nd floor.

And then after story time, we got Jeni’s Ice Cream. It’s OK to eat ice at 11:00 in the morning, right?

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