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Summer has finally arrived in Columbus! One way to cool the kid down is at the Ballantrae Park in Dublin. The park has a wonderful water area, which is perfect for younger kids. My 18 month old daughter loves the park.

She likes playing in the fountains and having the freedom to run around. The fountains are choreographed so that the water pattern is constantly changing, which is endlessly fascinating to a toddler.

She is too timid to walk under the waterfalls, however, she loves to get as close as she dares and stick one hand under them. We always spend at least two hours at the park before she begins to lose interest.

The fountain area is much larger than the water area at Easton. The park has a parking area and bathrooms. There are only a few picnic tables and large rocks to sit on. So, its a good idea to take a large blanket you can spread on the ground. 

What to take: Swim suits, water shoes (they aren’t necessary but help give the little ones some traction when walking or running in the water), hats, sunscreen, small water toys such as buckets or cups, cold drinks, snacks, blankets, beach towels. 

Location: Ballantrae Park, 6350 Woerner Temple Rd., Dublin

Price: Free

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